Monday, December 5, 2011

An Arizona Thanksgiving

We spent the week of Thanksgiving in Phoenix at my parents house. The weather was lovely, we played lots of games, did puzzles, played at the park and enjoyed being with family.

My favorite part was playing Ultimate Frisbee in the park before the big feast. I had Henry strapped in his front pack and maintained more of a trot than a run and he loved it! the Woods' were in town and Kyle, Alyssa and Kiddos joined us for the big dinner.

There was a frightful event that morning that almost ruined Thanksgiving. We lost Knuckles! We figured he ran out the door at some point and it took us a while to notice he was missing. We walked and drove around the neighborhood...I even shed a few tears for that fluff ball. He really has become Henry's best friend and I decided life just wouldn't be the same without my yapping guard dog. Suddenly while mourning in the living room, Megan and I heard some whimpering from the couch. Turns out he had gotten scooped up in the recliner and he was trapped under the couch for about 3 hours... why he didn't cry or bark sooner has me thinking her was in a little yorkie comma or happily napping away. As I opened the foot rest, Knuckles kinda rolled out and he was happy and full of life-like normal. Paul was the most concerned, he decided to curl up and nap with Henry during the missing pup extravaganza! But all is well and our fam is whole again! HAHA!

We had a really nice time, some did a little black Friday shopping and we took Henry to see Santa at the North Pole which is tucked away in the corner of The Bass Pro shop-who knew? Santa looked as nervous as Henry did while we all did a song and jig to provoke a smile. It turned out pretty sweet! Here's some pics of our time at the North Pole:

We had such a wonderful trip and it was great to catch up with the fam. We are looking forward to the holiday season and hope everyone is doing well!

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  1. T-Day was a blast! I wish I could have ran more and really got some nice catches in during Ultimate frisbee! it reminded me of games we used to play at Mama and papa's or in Granny's backyard! Thank goodness Knuckles was really safe and sound! That sure makes for a good story with a happy ending. Henry is so cute!!!