Monday, December 5, 2011

An Arizona Thanksgiving

We spent the week of Thanksgiving in Phoenix at my parents house. The weather was lovely, we played lots of games, did puzzles, played at the park and enjoyed being with family.

My favorite part was playing Ultimate Frisbee in the park before the big feast. I had Henry strapped in his front pack and maintained more of a trot than a run and he loved it! the Woods' were in town and Kyle, Alyssa and Kiddos joined us for the big dinner.

There was a frightful event that morning that almost ruined Thanksgiving. We lost Knuckles! We figured he ran out the door at some point and it took us a while to notice he was missing. We walked and drove around the neighborhood...I even shed a few tears for that fluff ball. He really has become Henry's best friend and I decided life just wouldn't be the same without my yapping guard dog. Suddenly while mourning in the living room, Megan and I heard some whimpering from the couch. Turns out he had gotten scooped up in the recliner and he was trapped under the couch for about 3 hours... why he didn't cry or bark sooner has me thinking her was in a little yorkie comma or happily napping away. As I opened the foot rest, Knuckles kinda rolled out and he was happy and full of life-like normal. Paul was the most concerned, he decided to curl up and nap with Henry during the missing pup extravaganza! But all is well and our fam is whole again! HAHA!

We had a really nice time, some did a little black Friday shopping and we took Henry to see Santa at the North Pole which is tucked away in the corner of The Bass Pro shop-who knew? Santa looked as nervous as Henry did while we all did a song and jig to provoke a smile. It turned out pretty sweet! Here's some pics of our time at the North Pole:

We had such a wonderful trip and it was great to catch up with the fam. We are looking forward to the holiday season and hope everyone is doing well!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 4 months!

Wow, 4 months already? I am so thrilled at my little guy's growth! He is "talking" up a storm and he has the tightest grasp on his plastic "escalade" keys! It is exciting to hear him start to giggle at his dad and react more to Knuckles. Henry loves when Knucks runs around with his squeaky bone and takes a quick time out to lick Henry's face. I have a sneaking suspicion that one day Henry might run away and join the circus. He is really good and fitting his entire hand in his mouth and sometime he wiggles both of them in there-quite a talent! He is also a drool factory, I wish there was some way to recycle it and use it for good :)
We recently purchase a front pack and Hen is in his own jostled heaven! He doesn't make a peep as we walk around his mouth hangs open as he soaks in the sites and occasionally he flails both arms and legs with joy!

Last month Hen got to meet his cousin Aiden! They had lots of fun laying by one another. We miss cousin Aiden and his sweet little cheeks! I can't wait til they're a little older and can really run around, play and surely find some trouble!
We are very much looking forward to the holidays and all of the family time!
Halloween already came and went and Hen was a fantastic lil monster!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Henry's First Camping Trip @ 5 weeks old!

When Henry was 5 weeks old, we took a family camping trip to Rockport (near Park City). The weather was a bit warm and Henry wasn't having it! The only good sleep he got was in Grandma and Grandpa's trailer with the AC on!! I took Hen on a walk in his stroller around the campground and boy did everyone know about it. He wailed the entire walk. The best part about this camping trip was the delish dutch oven food and Henry's awesome jean overalls!!! We'll try this again when he's a little older. I think Henry will be quite the little camper... he just doesn't know it yet!!
Henry in his jean jacket with Auntie Katelyn.
Hen and Daddy snuggling in the tent trailer.
Paul and Julian playing in the lake. It was very refreshing in the heat, even knuckles took a swim!
Cousin Gabby and Henry hanging by the lake.
Hanging with Daddy by the campfire!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Henry Cruz Lopez

The Day was Monday July 11th
The time was 6:34 pm
The pain was excruciating
And it was absolutely worth it!!
Henry Cruz weighed 8 lbs 9 oz and was 22 inches long.

On that Monday morning, Paul's alarm went off at 5:30am and I informed him my contractions were 7 mins apart for a couple hours now. I didn't feel the need to rush to the hospital, but I knew I didn't want Paul to go to work and leave me alone for the day... so we made our way to the University of Utah Hospital and I was hopeful that I was dilated enough to get the party started!
Sure enough, I was admitted and they broke my water. The anesthesiologist was extremely busy and apparently there is only one???? so I had to wait FOREVER for my epidural and then it didn't take so after more waiting I got more meds. The Dr informed me that the baby's head was turned and we'd have to go C Section.
So we headed to surgery and I was getting feelings back in my legs and turns out my epidural actually came out. Whhaaaatttt? So I had to hunch over and go through contractions for 40 mins while they tried to figure that mess out and give me another. I was pretty upset and I wanted to tell that anesthesiologist where to go! Then the meds kicked in times 10,000 and I thought I was falling off the bed at one point and panicked for the nurse to help me but was informed I wasn't falling and just said, "Oh."
It all happened so fast. Paul was with me, holding my hand and then we heard the high pitched eagle screeches from our baby boy!!!!
Paul brought him over to me and I saw his swollen features and full cone head of hair.
Then Paul scurried off to the nursery to update the fam and get Henry settled. The nurse must have been an ex nascar driver as she raced my bed through the halls!! I had to puke... but there was nothing to do it in, so she cleverly ripped off the pillow case and I did my dirty deed. I was sooo numb, it took a few pitiful heaves to accomplish the task.
The fam was very supportive! My mom was able to hop on a flight from Phoenix and made it to the hospital in time. Paul's parents, my sis Katelyn and Paul's sis and kids came to support as well. I was super numb and out of it for my first time holding my baby. It was surreal. Paul and I are parents... EEEEEKKKK!!! Haha!And that's the story of Henry's Birthday... more to come!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Last week was my baby shower hosted by Katelyn and Rissa. It was a huge success with lots of support from family and friends. We received many wonderful gifts from homemade blankets to several books to start Henry's library and of course lots of seriously adorable outfits.

We had a spread of yummy sandwiches and a watermelon that Katelyn carved into a baby carriage.

Rissa and Jan put together the decorations with home made pom poms, a sock tree, banners and more.

A friend of Katelyn's made the cake and it turned out super cute. Plus she made the most delicious cake balls ever!

Thanks everyone for your time and support! Rissa flew in for the occasion and it was great to catch up! It was also nice to have my parents in town for the occasion. The next time I see them will be for the arrival of Henry. 5 weeks and counting!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

On Thursday I turned the big 28! Paul and I went to a movie and then dinner after work and then finished getting our tent trailer ready for our first camping trip of the season. Friday after work we headed up to Rockport with some of Paul's fam. We were greeted with some rainy weather but set up camp and hoped for the best. Our heater wouldn't work so Knuckles and I had to cuddle to stay warm!On Saturday there were a few hours of sun! We played "redneck horseshoes," roasted some dawgs and enjoyed the weather while we could! The guys went fishing for a few hours and actually came back with some fish! Art also cooked in his awesome apron that we got him for Christmas! (it says, "I turn grills on!")
Then the rain came back and we chopped up veggies and such in the camper and Katelyn tried to keep Knuckles warm. We were going to have a big birthday BBQ-Katelyn and Paul even got me a monkey pinata!! But the storm rolled in and we all hurried and ate and headed back in our trailers to bundle up! I still enjoyed the left over pinata candy... we munched on treats and played games until we fell asleep to the sounds of the rain.
In the middle of the night, Katelyn wandered out to the bathroom and upon her return, she got caught in a snow storm!! The flakes were huge and soggy! Needles to say, we left the next morning (a day early) because it just wasn't fun anymore. Our tootsies were wet, our fingers were cold and we just decided to pack up and try again in better weather.

We hurried and packed up in the rain, struggling not to get our feet too wet in the deep puddles. Paul's Uncle made a big breakfast for us all to enjoy before we headed out. I decided to put Knuckles in the truck so he wouldn't get soaked as we ate. I wasn't feeling too well and wandered back to the truck a few minutes early to find Knuckles covered in a white foam and this white substance all over the inside of the truck door. I thought maybe he was sick or foaming at the mouth... then it dawned on me. I shut the truck door and took a deep breath. Paul had placed my untouched--not even one bite taken--BIRTHDAY CAKE on the back seat. Knuckles and been bouncing around looking out the windows waiting for us and he stomped my birthday death!! Katelyn brought it up on Saturday and we didn't even cut into it because of the weather. There was frosting chunks scattered on all of the seats and strawberries gushing between Knuckle's toes and smeared into everything. Oh well, we just tossed it into the dumpster and agreed it was total tragedy. I still had a wonderful Birthday and appreciate all of the thought that went into it!! :P

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fully Committed!

32 Weeks 5 Days Prego! That Leaves 51 days until the baby is here. Paul and I are fully committed to the name Henry- it just feels right! Plus we crafted his name with wooden blocks, so there's no turning back now!!
Henry's room is pretty much ready. My mom and BFF, Kreesh, will be in town next week and get to check it out. I am super excited to see my peeps!
I feel like there is probably more to do and prepare, but what? Paul and I signed up for a birthing class at the end of June. I don't think about the actual birthing of Henry too much because it freaks me out. I can't wait to meet him and hold him; but the pushing and the ickyness makes me nervous! I have mentally blocked that portion for now and it's keeping my anxieties down till the time comes.
I sit here and ponder what will he look like? Will he have light or dark hair? Will it be coarse like his dad's and we'll have to buy industrial hair gel? Or will it be wavy like mine so we'll keep it short? I think about his first Halloween costume, first Christmas... I don't want to go too overboard with gifts as he'll probably be equally entertained with the bow vs the toy. I wonder if Knuckles will lick his face or want to nibble on him? I wonder how Paul and I will handle little sleep and sharing responsibilities. Oh and one of the big, burning questions: will we ever decide on a middle name?! So many thoughts and 51 more days until some of them can start being answered!!!